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Dairy & Agriculture

Track time on any device. Free mobile apps for iOS and Android. Free facial recognition kiosk software for tablets.


Workforce Management System






In-Person, Employee Time Tracking Hardware and Software Setup in California.








Our Workforce Management System




We walk you through the implementation process!






Leverage our free time tracking mobile app, facial recognition kiosk, and cloud-based administrative panel to streamline payroll processes.



Free in-person setup for qualifying California businesses







Spanish Friendly

Language barriers often make filling out forms or explaining the time tracking process a lot harder than it needs to be. With our Spanish mobile app and facial recognition kiosk, you can easily avoid those unnecessary time sheet hiccups. This is just one of the many ways we make time collection easier for you and your workforce.


Easy to Use

We take pride in actively working with our customers to ensure it's intuitive and easy to use. 

Ideal for Agriculture

Our software is ideal for the agricultural industry in terms of keeping track of employees and managing large farming operations.

Covid Questionnaire

Be sure your employees are safe while on the job with this added questionnaire that can prevent a company wide outbreak at the source. 

Meal Break Compliance

We stay up to date with the ever changing labor laws so you don't have to. Be sure your always in compliance.

Flexible OT Features

No more calculating OT hours manually, we offer unique OT features to make adding up employee hours a breeze.

Job Tracking

With our state of the art GPS Tracking system you can track employees and job locations to keep accountability from afar.

Dynamic Admin Panel

Straight forward admin panel that makes it simple to manage time cards & employee profiles.

Custom CSV Exports

Easily export time sheets and employee records to integrate seamlessly with other payroll systems. 




Creating a custom geofence has never been easier. Want to restrict employee from clocking in until they reach a specific location? With Worsana you have the flexibility to have custom settings depending on each employee's needs. Our Software allows Agriculture Companies to create virtual work areas with our Geofencing App. Enhance your employee management with software built specifically for the farming industry.




We Specialize in CALIFORNIA Compliance


Worksana partners with HR Mobile and Light Gabler Law to ensure your business can stay California Compliant.
LightGabler Mobile-HR S-W-And-W

COVID-19 Questionnaire

To ensure the health and safety of your workers, Worksana integrates a COVID-19 Questionnaire feature that asks your staff to verify that they’re well before they’re allowed to work. This self-screening is done every day before they begin work. If the questionnaire is failed, they won’t be permitted to clock in for work and will be asked to leave the premises so as to not expose any of the other workers.

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Clock-In Restrictions Coming Soon!


As wages increase and overtime thresholds compress, it is more important than ever to monitor time. We will be releasing based clock-in restrictions in 2021.

So, What are you waiting for?

All these awesome features are ready and waiting for you. Get started today!

  • Mobile Apps
  • Facial Recognition
  • Employee Tracking
  • Customizable Geofences
  • Job Costing
  • Automatic Mileage Tracking
  • Break Management
  • Team Management
  • Custom Roles and Permissions
  • Reports
  • Direct Integrations
  • CSV Exports

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