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1 min read

Paper Time Cards Can Create A Cross Contamination Risk for Your Business!

Now that it has been confirmed by the New York Times that the United States leads the world in confirmed Covid-19 cases...

3 min read

5 Ways Paper Time Cards Are Costing You Money!

Still using paper time cards? Is the headache of missing time cards, missing information and inaccurate time because of...

1 min read

Eliminate Risk: Remove Paper Time Cards And Finger Scanner Wall Clocks.

As Covid-19 rapidly spreads to local communities, employers are seeking answers. To many businesses it has become more...

3 min read

5 Vital tools for Remote Workforce success.

These 5 tools use a variety of tried and true techniques with a little more flair to keep your remote workers involved...

2 min read to clean this stuff?

As I am writing this,  the definition of essential companies remains broad. Even so, as a janitorial company you are...

2 min read

Resources: Employers Dealing with CoVid-19.

As businesses and employees struggle to manage the ongoing COVID-19 fallout, Here is a list of some available resources...

2 min read

9 tips to keep your business going during the CoVid-19 Virus.

As the Business solutions software company, Worksana continues to find ways to help small businesses adapt and evolve...

2 min read

How Covid-19 is changing the Janitorial Industry

What is the Science?

The New coronavirus ( Covid-19 ), emerged in Wuhan, China, in late 2019. The CDC has declared...

3 min read

How janitorial companies can respond to coronavirus outbreaks?

Having co-founded a janitorial company 20 years ago I have lived through the news alerts of many past outbreaks such as...

2 min read

New Janitor Laws Aligning with AB5

Last year the State of California rolled out janitorial registration  legislation. If you run a janitorial company in...